playlist part II

a playlist in three parts
by natalie wells (N) and emy guildner (E) 

PART II:  songs to fall in love to

what it feels like - sunfall festival (N)
yellow - coldplay (E)
come back to bed - john mayer (N)
mine - taylor swift (N)
star mile - joshua radin (E)
the best thing - relient k (N)
to be alone with you - sufjan stevens (E)
the luckiest - ben folds(N)
coffee - copeland (E)
question - old 97s (N)
the ocean - mae (E)
it's beginning to get to me - snow patrol (N)
paperweight - schuyler fisk (E)
two of those two - maria taylor (N)
night drive - jimmy eat world (E)
make it with you - debra fotheringham (N)
of angels and angles - the decemberists (E)
transatlanticism - death cab for cutie (N)
greatest story ever told - oliver james (E)

(we're a little bit high school. still love us?)

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Hannah said...

Someday we will hang out. Someday.