iphone dump

let's play everyone's favorite (favourite if your feeling european) game:
get to know natalie through her iphone photos.

who:  me. doi.
what:  a clown bathroom. seriously.
when:  october 2010 around 11 pm.
where:  a gas station in west jordan, utah. (surprisingly clean.)
why:  the night i took this photo, i had stopped at the least creepy gas station i could find to pee because i had just come from jonny's sister's house. i know you're thinking "but why didn't you use jenny's (jonny's sister) bathroom?" 
well i get a serious case of performance anxiety when it comes to peeing at stranger's houses, so i decided that i could make it back to provo.
but then i remembered the giant rockstar i drank in order to stay awake at aforementioned sister's house.
bad combo.

who:  emerald. esmerelda. emy. em.
what:  in a cardboard box.
when:  november 2010. studying our brains out.
where:  HBLL (hell)
why:  emy and her icy blood decided that our study room was "too cold." so, out of procrastination, desperation and fatigue, she climbed inside of this cardboard contraption. five minutes later i noticed that the flaps had closed atop her head and the box was silent.
emy found her new favorite nap spot.
too bad they probably took it out with the trash the next day.

who:  glovey baby.
what:  the newest and coolest contraption to hit campus
when:  november 2010. more studying of the brains and such.
where:  HBLL
why:  soda = not allowed
gloves = always allowed.
i had no choice.

who:  campus
what:  pretty lights
when:  november 2010. exiting the bibliotheque
where:  campus
why:  aren't i lucky to go to school here?
the answer is yes.
but only during the christmas season.

stay classy, san diego.

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