life update

(this post is for you, logan.)

i don't very often like to do blogs about super current events in my life because...well...my life is pretty bland, but when one of my favorite activities (singing rent like i'm actually a decent singer) is in jeopardy, i'm happy to oblige.


my life is kind of rocking right now.

school is going well. i found out about 2 weeks ago that i'm waaaaaaaay closer to graduation than i previously thought.
whenever people would ask me when i was graduating, i would switch off between saying:  "never." or "when pigs fly."
and although i'm not graduating in 2010 (that would be amazing) - i am going to be a college graduate as of december 2011 and i'm stoked about it.
it's weird to think about how at this time next year, i'll be in my last semester of college...and hopefully be looking forward to a grown up job.
BUT - graduation sooner means a lot of scarier decisions are headed my way...sooner (e.g. grown up responsibilities:  non-college housing, job, paying off loans, finding an eternal companion outside of byu etc etc.).
BUT - i also say...bring it on, world! i've made it through BYU....i can do anything.

(sha and i, first week, freshman year.)

i'm getting involved in the ad lab.
(go to the students tab and i'm TOTALLY there.  famous, much?)
for those of you reading this and don't know what that is...basically, BYU is pretty freaking rad and has a full-fledged, student-run agency that the advertising students are lucky enough to participate in and use for their resumes and for some kick-butt experience.
and fun.
always fun.
i should've gotten involved ages ago, but up until this year i was either A) not in the program B) busy trying to find a job or C) too scared to go talk to anyone about getting involved.
BUT - by the end of this semester, i will have participated in 3 (and probably more) different client projects.

i have a boyfriend.
i don't say things like this on my blog, but jonny (jonathan, j. paul, jay-z, jonny rocket etc.) is pretty special.
so special that he gets a picture AND a mention.
(please ignore my man hand. i really need to stop doing that pose.)

long story (not really) short (not that i'm capable of telling short stories),
we were in the same ward for a whole year and didn't ever meet until we (he) decided to talk on good ol' facebook.
then he bought me hawaiian food and kissed me.
but only after kicking trash in yahtzee (2nd time's the charm) and having weezer's greatest music videos at his fingertips.

he likes my eyes and when i ramble.
i like his smile and when he makes nerdy jokes.
he lives in layton and i live in provo...so my weekends will belong to jonny for now.
and i couldn't be happier 'bout that.


pee. ess. baby bestie is having a girl! so excited!!!


Selena said...

facebook. hawaiian food. kiss. i feel like there are parts that are missing. or maybe not. maybe that's what really happened.

Logan Smith said...

Wha'd you forget?
Got a light?
I know you...you're shivering?