to do: blog

every week i make a TO DO list...in church.
(horrible, i know.)
sometimes, at the end of a particularly tough week,
i'll think of things that i did and write them down...just so that i can put a check mark next to it.
(tacky, but helpful.)

this is an actual picture from the actual planner of me:

anyone else see what i see at the top o' that list?
(even though it looks like it says baby.  HA!)
so here i am, gaining my check mark.
and yes...i was drawing bamboo to kill time at work.
i've obviously missed my calling - look at those proportions!

i'm sorry that i slack, bloggies.
i'm gonna post like a bandit the next couple of days to document the fun that is my life.
i'm also sorry (karen) that my blog is vague...i'm working on it.

just know, that i always make it a priority to bore you.

p.s.(!) bloggy baby got a makeover.
you likey?  me likey.
listen to the music down yonder, i promise i'll make more sense that way.

1 comment:

Emerald said...

Firstly, I love the way your blog looks. Second, I'm glad you have such good taste in music. It makes me able to love you all the more. Thirdly, you are a favorite of mine. Fourthly, lists are bomb.