i know i know.
it's after 2 AM and i'm still awake.
so sue me.

i get my letter today.
in a short 6 hours i could walk into that office and discover my fate right then.
but chances are, i'll wait until i shuffle down that long hill and get inside my house before i even crack the seal.
i don't think i would be good at those brimhall stairs if it were to be good or bad news.

i've never been so nervous in my whole life.
maybe that's an exaggeration, but my nerves are already setting in and the keys just flow under my fingers so nicely right now.

i should be finishing my french homework.
reading my scriptures.

but itunes plays in my ears
and fails in drowning out my heartbeat.

i'm ready for this.
it's on like donkey kong.


Stephen said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, no, I'm nervous, too.