lil baby ponytails.

up until about a week ago i had this thing about my hair.
i tried to win arguments with it.
attract attention.
enter it in pageants for lots of cash money and prizes.
you know...
the usual.

now let's look at the logistics of this whole thing.
hair isn't alive.
it has no feelings.
it just grows outta your head.

sure there's a gazillion dollar industry based around having fabulous hair, but in the end...it's just protein.

and while it's true my hair takes a while to grow
and that i'm pretty bad at doing hair (especially hair that can't be put into a ponytail).

the fact is: long hair=hot and heavy. (and not even in the good "hot-n-heavy" way.)

so i hacked it.
(well i didn't hack it, a nice girl named heather did.)
and i feel so relieved about it.
i let go of something that i was attached to.

no more hiding.
but in all honesty...
my hair could still totally kick your hair's butt.

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