love. actually.

i've been reading the giver.
well actually, i read the giver.
(it's a real short book when your reading speed has increased since you read it last.)
there's a part where jonas asks his parents if they love him.
and he is immediately punished for not using "precise" language.
his parents claim that love is too broad of a term...that it's become obsolete in their perfect world.

i don't think love is too broad or too specific, but maybe it's overused in this far from perfect world.

every taylor swift song throws the word "love" around like a big, bouncy ball.
(if love were as easy as showing someone a piece of paper or wearing a fancy dress, taylor, then i'm pretty sure you'd be out of a job.)

i don't want to come across as jaded or bitter about this.
i know that love exists and that it's real, but i'm just bored with the whole unified representation of it.

that it has to be easy.
that it always works.
that it makes sense.

because i don't know love like that.

(image by solitude_de_la from photobucket)


Stephen said...

This is right. This post, I mean.

Stephen said...

When I google nat a tat tat, you're on the front page.