happy fortieth post, people.

so i'm relaxing after finishing my finals (opa!) and...
i'm watching house.
who knew dominatrixes (dominatri?) had such fabulous hair?
certainly not i.

i thought i would make a christmassy list...because i know how much you love my lists.

my 10 favorite things about christmas:
10. oranges. citrus never tastes as good as it does when it's snowing.
9. christmas music. my new fave is this "romantic" christmas cd i got from target. think - santa baby by eartha kitt. you better believe it's magic listening to izma sing christmas songs.

8. no homework.
7. giving gifts to people i love.
6. snow.
5. sitting on my couch, in the dark, looking at the christmas lights. my grandma always does it. it's so peaceful.
4. watching christmas movies. especially the british ones where they say "happy christmas."
3. decorations everywhere!
2. the way everyone treats each other. so much love. so much happy.
1. the ever-present reminder of christ's miraculous birth, life of service, atonement and resurrection.

happy christmas.

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