so this blog is going to a bit on the picture heavy side because i've been faithfully dedicated to documenting this year. or at least this week.

you might want to take a bathroom break or a snack break.
this could take a while, folks.

i must say that i was apprehensive to give some stranger $10.50 to let me get lost in david archuleta's face, but in the long run...i think it was worth it.

this is the group as farm animals. leave it to emy to be the cool one.

who can resist a large rocking chair?
that's right. no one.

let's do a personal introduction to everyone involved in this adventure.

this is emy. she's cute.

this is stephen. he loves emy and you can see his uvula in this picture.

this is kenzie. she was upset about the lack of princesses present.

this is selena. she's cute always and let us listen to her ipod on the way there.

always gotta take advantage of signs featuring corn wearing overalls.

oh yeah! and there were pumpkins carved like utah's celebrities.

they almost got us kicked out of the maze for being too cute.

this is when we got out of the maze. emy was feeling victorious.

...as were kenzie and i.

after the maze...

kenzie rode in a train with corn on the floor.

some of us sat in a pumpkin shaped carriage.

i ate a corn dog too.
it was kind of weird.

overall review

hitch-hiker thumbs way up for corn mazes and gordon b. hinckley pumpkins.

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