i dreamed a dream

sometimes i sit in my kitchen,

in the middle of the dirty dishes and plants that need watering

and i listen to showtunes while i make ravioli.

i'm so grateful that i get to do this.

in other news...i got to have a photo shoot, study session, cake eating and dance party with april and her wonderful roomies (shout out to M, B and L).
i've never had so much fun with hairnets.

gettin some lovin from my little blondie, april.

kennedy (my niece) got her ears pierced. i hope i looked this cute when i had mine pierced. and hi, can you say future ballerina? she looks like a ballerina to me.

check out that graceful neck.

i also listened to death cab for cutie alllllllllll last night. and i loved every second. (shout out to a new friend for reminding me how beautiful the lyrics are to "we looked like giants.")

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